January 2021

Welcome to the New Year with its new hopes, new dreams, and new books to read.  Life has been fun and complicated and interesting and busy and all kinds of things since I last updated this webpage.  Briefly, my sweetheart and I have visited all fifty of our United States and all of the bordering Canadian provinces.  The only one we didn’t see from our travel trailer is Hawaii, because the trailer just can’t swim.  In addition, we have been to China, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.  Last April’s cruise of the Danube was cancelled, as most travel plans were during 2020.  While staying at home, we learned to wash our hands frequently, wear a mask in public, social distance, hang out with only the people in our bubble, Zoom, and sanitize, sanitize, sanitize.  After the closets, garage, and cupboards were all cleaned, photo albums brought up to date, and lots of books read, I went back to my writing.  What a pleasure that was!  Two of my short stories are about to be published in anthologies compiled by the Northern California Publishers and Authors organization.  I will supply links on the Books page when they are available.  “Mommy, Is There Really a Santa Clause” appears in All Holidays 2020, by ML Hamilton.  “Snow in Summer” is the true story of our experiences in Colorado, and will appear in Destination: the World (Volume 2). Thank you for taking time to visit my website.  Stay safe and be well. Happy Reading!

February 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day!  The last twelve months have been very busy.  I have received a number of compliments on all three of my books, which are available in electronic format and in paperback, but I haven’t started a new book, yet.  You see, last April, my sweetheart and I packed our twenty-foot travel trailer, put our little dogs in the car, and headed across the United States.  It was an amazing adventure.  We drove almost 21,000 miles through thirty-nine states; saw eleven Presidential Libraries; took advantage of the on-and-off buses in several of cities; toured museums on topics as varied as WWII, sunken treasure, and cattle drives; explored some National Parks, including Yellowstone; and visited family and friends along the way.  Journal writing and sorting photographs took most of my creative energy, but there were moments when I said, “That would make a good story.”  One of Sunshine’s sisters will likely end up seeing Texas from the seat of a chuck wagon and another will certainly find herself crossing the Chicago River after the 1871 fire.  Thanks for stopping by.  Drop me an email if you want to be contacted when a new book comes out.

January 2013

Grief is a powerful and complex emotion, and the loss of a loved one is not its only source.  Storm Damage explores loss through four characters: Amy, Mitch, Iris and Jacob.  I began writing this book shortly after the death of my husband of 29 years, while I was learning first hand about recovery.  Everyone experiences grief and moves toward acceptance in their own time and in their own way, but the loving support of family and friends, and even a smile from a stranger, can make all difference in your day and in your life.  I wouldn't recommend spending a night in a collapsed building with a murderous drug dealer as therapy, but it seems to have a significant effect on this group of sufferers.  I began writing this book to gain some insight into what I was going through, but Amy wasn’t just sad, she had some real issues with the unfairness of life.  Mitch didn’t relinquish control with any grace at all.  Iris found comfort in prayer, but she also had a practical streak I never would have guessed was there.  And Jacob?  He turned out to be a real charmer.  They took over the story on the first page and the suspense never let up.  I hope you enjoy getting to know each of them as much as I did.

September 2012

I am thrilled to announce the release of my romantic historical novel:  Sunshine and the Bounty Hunter.  I can’t wait for you to meet Sunshine and the man who rescues her, bounty hunter Howard “Gunn” Gunnarsen.  It has been both fun and challenging to use the history of the Wyoming Territory in 1871 as a backdrop for their story of self-discovery, love and forgiveness. As you walk down the historic streets of Laramie City or ride in the surrounding hills and prairie with them, you will experience this beautiful country during an exciting time in history when dynamic people moved to the western frontier to build new lives for themselves and open new opportunities for the country.  Sunny, Gunn and their friends are waiting to lead the way.  Enjoy the adventure. 

My sincere and continuing thanks to Susan, Jackie, Ernie, Dierdre, and Bill for all you’ve done to keep me on track.  Thank you also to Kim Van Meter for the beautiful cover, Rae Monet for the website updates, Ann Gordon for the author photo, Kathy Willis for the custom jewelry, and Chris Lucchetti for letting me spend time with her beautiful Hanoverian mare, Donna Fatale.  You can find out more about them under “Extras.”

April 2012

It has been an exciting journey getting this website up and making NIGHTMARES available again in both electronic and paperback versions.  I offer sincere thanks first to Rae Monet for the wonderful website design.  I had some vague ideas and a photograph and she turned them into a warm, welcoming site I'm proud to display.  Next, thank you to Susan Crosby for years of support and friendship.  I wouldn't be here without you.  Nor would I have persevered without the love and support of my sister, Jackie.  Two other people who have been critical to my growth as a writer are my critique partners, Bill and Dierdre.  Beyond that are the patient and thoughtful readers of rough drafts: Ernie, Judith, Brenda, Sally and Julie.  Finally, I'd like to recognize the members of the Sacramento Valley Rose Chapter of Romance Writers of America.  You’re all the best!  Thank you.