If you’re looking for a romantic mystery, romantic suspense, or historical romance, each with an inspirational outlook, this is the place. 

Pastor and author Charles Swindoll has said, “We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.”  What better way to describe the troubles that await characters in a novel?  Tested by impossible situations of many sorts, my characters manage to hang on and create not just satisfactory endings, but positive new beginnings.  What situations, you ask?

In my first book, Lauren’s NIGHTMARES may be more than just bad dreams.  She could be witnessing actual crimes.  What happens if the murderer finds out she’s helping the police? 

In SUNSHINE AND THE BOUNTY HUNTER, the title character has a bright smile, but no memory of her past or why she was riding across the Wyoming prairie alone.  Was she riding for help or running away or after something else entirely? 

STORM DAMAGE takes place two days before Christmas when the roof of a busy shopping mall collapses.  Buried in the debris are a young widow, a frustrated cop, a displaced great-grandmother and an abandoned child.  They could wait for rescue, but buried with them is a killer with a great deal to lose.

Finally, I have a couple of short stories soon to be published in anthologies.  Check the BOOKS and NEWS pages for more information about “Mommy, Is There Really a Santa Claus?” and “Snow in Summer.” 
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