author picAlmost every novel begins in the author’s imagination with a question: “What if...?”  My first “what if” came while I was watching a movie about a man who claimed to be psychic in order to avoid suspicion for a murder he had committed.  I asked myself, what if a person really did witness a crime in a psychic vision?  With that question, a novel was born. 

While working full-time for the State of California, I studied books on writing, subscribed to “Writer’s Digest,” went to workshops, took college classes, and joined Romance Writers of America, my local RWA chapter, and Sisters in Crime.  I also took a class on parapsychology, and NIGHTMARES slowly took shape on my computer screen.  As soon as I was able, I retired to my home in the golden hills of northern California, where I focused on my writing and finished the book. 

That wasn’t the end, however.  The “what ifs” just keep coming.  I can’t read a newspaper, watch a documentary, or travel anywhere without my writer’s imagination discovering characters who might be caught up in a similar situation.  The stories may be sweet or sassy, joyful or sad, modern or historical, strictly entertaining or deeply inspirational, but they grab hold of me and simply won’t let go until I commit them to paper.  That I’ve only managed to write down three of them is a testament to a busy life outside of my imagination and the challenges of the publishing industry.  Finally, with the help of Amazon and CreateSpace, I’m able to share the stories from my heart with you.  I hope that you enjoy them.

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