Cover artist, author and fellow member of the Sacramento Valley Rose Chapter of RWA, Kimberly Van Meter, can be reached through her Facebook page or at www.kimberlyvanmeter.com

Rae Monet continues to do a great job maintaining my website for me.  She can be reached through her website at raemonetinc.com

Long-time friend, Ann Gordon, took her love of animals and photography to the professional level a few years ago with beautiful results.  You can see examples and contact her through her website at www.gordonpetphotography.com.

My niece, Kathryn Willis, designed the jewelry I’m wearing in the photos and also dressed me and applied my makeup as I am temporarily one-handed (broke my wrist in an oops). You can see more of Kathryn’s stunning jewelry on her website www.etsy.com/shop/NaturalRoxJewelry.

I no longer have a horse of my own and the old photos of me with my horses don’t reflect current reality, but I thought a novel set in the Old West deserved a picture of a horse.  Chris Lucchetti of the Lucchetti Ranch in Wilton graciously invited me to come have my picture taken with her gorgeous Hanoverian mare, Donna Fatale, or “Flirty” for short, daughter of the ranch’s prize-winning stallion Domiro, and one of her little sisters.  What amazing animals and owners.  To learn more about Domiro and the Lucchettis, please visit their website at www.lucchettiranch.com.

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